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Bob Morris

President of AndMore Associates, LLC

Bob Morris is president of AndMore Associates, LLC, a global advisory firm providing strategic counsel on science and technology innovation, commercialization and new business opportunities to food, agriculture, and energy sector stakeholders worldwide. Identifying the need for accelerating agricultural innovation, Bob has focused on the agtech sector since it emerged, advocating for entrepreneurship and higher education improvements while advising and engaging with stakeholders across the ecosystem from start-ups to investment funds to corporates.

Starting his career as a product development agronomist in the plant nutrient industry, Bob has been passionate about developing sustainable market solutions in the soil, plant, and food value chain. As president of The Sulphur Institute, he led the successful promotion of sulphur as an essential crop nutrient, and as a viable investment and commercial product in multi-billion dollar agricultural and industrial markets worldwide, partnering with Fortune 500 corporations, associations, NGOs, and governments.

A frequent panelist and speaker, Bob serves on various boards and committees including Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator (IN2); TERI’s NanoTech Centre in New Delhi; International Fertilizer Association; and Rutgers University MBS board. Bob holds degrees from Rutgers University and Pennsylvania State University.

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