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GeoFutures: St. Louis’ Plan to Strengthen Its Position as Global Geospatial Hub

St. Louis is already recognized as a global center of excellence for agtech and biosciences, and now the region has a plan in place to scale up its significant assets to strengthen its position as the geospatial center of excellence over the next 10 years.

Developed under the guidance of industry leaders and through a process of extensive stakeholder engagement, the GeoFutures Strategic Roadmap lays out a coordinated and strategic approach to leverage the existing strengths and generate greater prosperity in the community.

The roadmap notes that St. Louis could gain a competitive advantage in geospatial technologies by focusing on four industry sectors: national security, digital/precision agriculture, transportation and logistics and healthcare delivery. These industry sectors already have a strong foothold in St. Louis and are pioneering new geospatial applications. Download the full report.